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“My cuisine is deeply rooted in my territory. For the most part, I use products that can be found in a 50-kilometer radius of my restaurant. Limiting myself to what the local area has to offer may seem
penalizing, but I live in a territory that is rich in culture, history and products. When I’m in the kitchen, I have no limits”. Marco Sacco


In the stunning scenario of Lago Maggiore, the little lake of Mergozzo is like a diamond set in a crown. 

Surrounded by the Val Grande National Park and Lagoni di Mercurago Park , 470 hectares of botanical and archaeological interest; the Fondotoce Special Nature Reserve , including the largest canebrake area on the Piedmont shore of Lago Maggiore; the Canneti di Dormelletto Special Nature Reserve , 157 hectares, of canebrake areas situated on the south-western shore of Lago Maggiore, which are particularly important for the wildlife.

On the Mergozzo lake shore there is the Piccolo Lago restaurant, with an amazing view of the water, almost like a boat sailing.

At the helm is chef Marco Sacco who oversaw from 1990 the family restaurant, opened by his parents in 1974, to win 2 Michelin stars.

Chef SACCO grew up in the business.

His parents opened their first restaurant Il Torchio , the month he was born, an influence that was the framework of his formative years.

Raised on the shores of the lake between the stoves close to his father from the age of 9 years, he left just the time to learn new skills and make new experiences abroad. Marco Sacco has always kept his roots firmly in his valleys.

As skilled connoisseur of the products of his lands and waters, he has created a modern, sustainable Cuisine that respects its territory and enhances it.

He introduced to the World, from East to West, the great strength of the ingredients of its lake and his Land, creating international Chefs Associations and opening restaurants abroad.

The Gourmet Boat

A gourmet tour on an electric boat, the extraordinary experience in an astonishing landscape and a meal of a 2 Michelin Star restaurant.

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Marco Sacco founded the Movimento “la Gente di Lago e di Fiume” which brings together chefs, fishermen, ichthyologists and lake communities, starting from Lake Mergozzo experience. The goal is to give the right value to inland waters, rivers and lakes, to their system in different aspects. Every year around the Piccolo Lago, a big party is held that brings together producers, fishermen, chefs, economic operators in the area, enthusiasts, tourists and residents.

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Marco Sacco

Marco Sacco

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