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Purity and simplicity are at the heart of chef Nino Di Costanzo’s cuisine. But such pure and simple creations are a result of dedication: behind each dish is endless research, many, many hours of experimentation and unrivalled passion. This is a chef who is on a quest for perfection.
Di Costanzo trained with international masters such as Juan Mari Arzak in Spain and Gualtiero Marchesi at Arnolfo in Colle di Val d’Elsa in Italy. His cooking is a tribute to the produce of his Campania region, generally and, more specifically, the island of Ischia, where he works. His fumarole – from the Latin, smoke – is an ode to the local Maronti beach and is a delicious fragrant, herbed cod fillet cooked at the table with the steam of hot stones.

DANÍ MAISON Restaurant
ISCHIA, Napoli**

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